The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered

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What if you wanted to give a friend the book that saved your life when you realized you were gay, but it was out of print?  You could hunt in used book stores, or search online for reviews, but you’d be lucky to find it. In "The Lost Library" twenty eight modern gay authors reminisce about their favorite out of print gay novels, bringing the texts to light and telling intimate stories of their own.

The book includes an essay on reprints of gay literature by Philip Clark.  With a dramatic cover illustration by Mel Odom, "The Lost Library" is a unique offering for the GLBT audience and anyone who appreciates eloquent  accounts of the human experience.

Winner of the 2010 San Francisco Book Festival Prize in the "Gay" category.


ISBN 978-0971468634

Thou Shall Not Love

US$ 19.00


A critique of evangelical attitudes to same-sex love, this work ranges widely through disparate cultures, genetics, evolution, psychology, and Bible studies, and unflinchingly takes on the current debate about gay marriage.

Patrick Chapman's work will be helpful to established and emerging GLBT Christians who confront the dilemma presented by biblical literalist views.

Winner of the 2009 IBPA Ben Franklin Prize in the "Gay / Lesbian" category.

ISBN 978-0971468627






“A treasure map to yesterday’s hidden gems.”

Patty Comeau

ForeWord Magazine




"A tour de force of evidence, reason, and cogent argument."

Daniel Helminiak, author of

What the Bible Really Says

About Homosexuality

"A definitive answer to the misinformation, mistruth and downright meanness of so many evangelicals on the issue of gay/lesbian rights. . . Provides fresh data and powerful arguments that cast new light on this tortured subject."

Walter Wink, PhD

Auburn Theological Seminary





"A delight to the ear, an excitement to the mind, and a solace to the heart. A truly fine work."

— Sir Derek Jacobi

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