Lover's Legend Unbound

A delight to the ear, an excitement to the mind, and a solace to the heart. A truly fine work.

— Sir Derek Jacobi


The audio CD provides a useful route into the spirit of the stories which would originally have been spoken rather than read. There is strength in the silence between the words which stands out to the modern ear, more used to fast-cuts and sound effects.

Lovers’ Legends Unbound is an interesting read and a more interesting listen. Calimach’s rediscovery of the gay elements to Greek myth is useful for the casual reader and as an instructional tool for gender and classical studies.

— Joseph Gelfer in Ashé Journal


I am impressed. It is a work of great devotion, and scholarly as well."

— Vern L. Bullough, Author and sex historian


Now these classic tales are brought to voice. Calimach renders the spirit of the myths in words fresh and unfusty.

The Guide Magazine

This CD is surprisingly effective. Carter has a good voice and an obvious understanding of the material.


Whirlwind tour of youthful body worship, spiteful rages, vengeance, and gruesome crimes of passion. The myths retain their primal charm.

— X-Tra Magazine